Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wishing and Hoping and Praying and Cycling

If you had one wish this Christmas, for all cyclists in Singapore, what will it be?

1. Bike Lanes.

The Park Connector Network we have now is pretty extensive, though it's still a far cry from the more established bike lanes we find in countries like Denmark, Holland and Australia.

A first world transport system should include cycling!

2. More Considerate Drivers.

It's important to stay positive and note that for every driver that honks or tailgates you, there are probably 5 others that look out for you on the road.

We're not asking for a lot more, just for the percentage to steadily improve. :)

3. A Bike for Every Household.

We live in a nation where free stuffs excite.

There is no better way to promote cycling than to actually present them with a free bike. If it's too labor intensive, just get them to collect it.

Singaporeans are naturals when it comes to queuing. If we can queue for free jerseys overnight, we will queue over-many-nights for free bikes.

That would certainly go a long way in getting more people to get on their bikes and ride!

4. Fewer bike thefts.

If we could, we would lock up all bike thieves (syndicate or not), chain them up and make them saw their own bones if they want to live on (think SAW style), since they enjoy cutting chains so much.

A common reason that deters people from cycling more often is the fear of losing their bikes. Foldies provide a useful alternative but small wheels are not everybody's thing.

Eliminate bike thefts and you'll almost certainly see more riders during our daily commute.

5. Remove Peak Hour Restrictions on Trains/Buses.

It's wonderful that we allow foldies on trains. It's woeful that we only allow them from 930am - 430pm and after 8pm.

Whoever starts work after 930am? Not many! The only restriction here is preventing riders from incorporating train + bike in their daily commute to work.

Besides, most foldies, when folded, are smaller than prams and if prams are allowed during peak hours...

6. Remove Single Bike Restrictions on Buses.

As of now, only one bike is allowed on a bus at any one time.

So if you're riding with your gf/wife, prepare to say goodbye. You have to take different buses. If you are a family of 4, prepare to part ways. You have to wait for 4 different buses.

C'mon, I'm sure we can do better than that!

7. Successful Bike Share Program.

For the last mile. Bike share programs have been successfully implemented in many countries. Our wish is for one to be well received in Singapore as well.

There are many benefits to a bike share program, more than that of the disadvantages.

Like what they always say, Good things must share!

8. More Love from Security.

Being stopped by security at building entrances as if we are bringing the plague can really be a pain in the arse. Hang on, it's only a bicycle and can be folded! (for foldies)

9. Good Health.

To enjoy life's adventure and keep those feet pedaling on and on and on.

10. More Wealth.

Always a welcomed wish for any occasion. And like they always say, one bike is never enough!

Ok, that was more than 1 wish, though I'll be delighted if any one or more, of the above mentioned comes true.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, my fellow cycling enthusiasts!


  1. My wish is that more folks ride in our sunny SG. I dun care what kind of bike or brand. Ride, chat with ur friends. Slow down, smell the roses. Treasure the small things in our life!

  2. and join LCSG on their Sunday rides? =P