Sunday, 1 January 2012

Kia Ora 2012!

Looking back, 2011 has been a wonderful year. We are thankful for the many good things that have happened.

We rediscovered our passion for cycling and it's slowly but surely changing our lives for the better. We got to know a new group of cycling kakis turned friends that we meet every weekend. We are now exercising regularly.

On a personal note, life's adventure will take us to another continent as we set our goals to achieve our aspirations by doing what we love and loving what we do. 2012 will be an exciting year for both of us as we look forward with suspenseful anticipation.

We spent the last hours of 2011 at Novena Church, lending our voices as part of the choir for New Year's Eve mass. We gave thanks and sang our hearts out. To the tunes of Auld Lang Syne and Feliz Navidad, we welcomed the New Year at the stroke of midnight.

Barely 4 hours later, we were up and about making our way to Casuarina Car Park for our first ride of the new year.

First ride of the new year on the LCSG calendar was Monkey Alley@Upper Pierce Reservoir

Why we should never feed monkeys, as cute as they may be.

Unfortunately, we didn't see many monkeys. There were one or two. We last heard that most of the resident monkeys were suffering hangovers from countdown parties. Others were on holiday.

From Casuarina, we rode towards Upper Pierce Reservoir > Mandai > Zoo > Mandai > Upper Thomson Road. Lots of slopes, lots of fun (wicked manner). The weather was very kind. Looks like we're getting the sun back after weeks of rain.

Along Upper Thomson, we dropped by AnPang Yong Tau Foo for brunch. There are 2 stalls. We ordered from the Yellow one (928 AnPang Yong Tau Foo) and it is GOOD stuff.

What better way to start the New year than at Church and then doing what we love, cycling.

Here at Pedal Inn, Gwyn and I wish each and everyone love, peace, joy and good health! Have a blessed year ahead!

images credited to Taiwoon


  1. We shall miss you when you head to NZ. Always my dream to cycle the beautiful South Island! I hope you have a chance to do that.

    God bless!

  2. Kevin and Gwyn, u are hereby annointed New Zealand LCSG charter guardians!!! hahah.. we will miss u lots at Sunny/Rainy SG!

  3. Ped Al, maybe one day we can ride the South Island together! :)

    Taiwoon, we feel honored and humbled with Your Majesty bestowment. hahaha.. We'll miss you guys too!