Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Kranji Countryside Ride

We interupt our sequence of Bali adventure entries with a recollection of Sunday morning's Kranji Countryside ride with the good folks from LCSG (lovecyclingsg).

Bollywood Veggies, a home grown organic farm founded and managed by Ivy Singh Lim and her husband, was top on the agenda.

A short ride from Kranji MRT station took us past Kranji Reservoir into the countryside towards Bollywood Veggies.There were parking lots available for bicycles.

I have to admit. The BV (Bollywood Veggies) concept is too cool. If anyone tells you that farms are passe or it's impossible to farm your own crops in Singapore, ask them to visit BV.

Set up a farm, live just next to it, grow your own food and at the same time educate and spread the green message. Now that's a way to retire in style! We like that!

Visitors are allowed time to walk through the farm which showcased countless types of flora.

What caught our attention were the many quirky yet inspirational signage located throughout the farm. The Eco-friendly, green message was evident for all to see.

"Let Nature be the Driver of the Future"

"Life's Good"

"Back to Nature is the Future."

"Gentle Woman or Gentle Man is a Genuine Person"

More green messages...

And a tribute to our Nation's birthday...

Ivy is ex-president for Netball Singapore and it was nice to see her passion for netball still evident in her farm...

Not often do you see scarecrows in Singapore...

It was like going back in time and felt like a class excursion as we walked through the farm on a guided tour.

Had no idea Aloe Vera could grow in our local climate...

The classic Papaya tree...

Overheard near this blue flower: "this is what you use in your Nonya rice dumplings. (Nonya Zhang)"

A huge gourd...

We love our chilli...

Cat's Whiskers!

We had breakfast at Poison Ivy, the in house cafe within Bollywood Veggies.

Western breakfast with scrambled eggs.

Some samosas to go along...

After BV, we headed down the road towards Hay Dairies, one of the last few standing goat milking farms in Singapore.

If you do make your way there, do try their fresh goat's milk. It's $2 for a small bottle, but the freshness is second to none. Must try!

After Hay dairies, we moved on to Lim Chu Kang jetty. The thing about joining the Sunday LCSG rides is that it brings you to places where you never knew existed. And more often than not, these are beautiful locations.

I would never in a million years imagine myself at Lim Chu Kang jetty had not for Sunday's ride!

There's a wooden platform that you can walk on. Very picturesque.

It was an enjoyable and insightful ride. The terrain at Lim Chu Kang is worth mentioning though. Enroute the farm tours, there are a couple of rolling slopes.

We bade farewell with the pack after Lim Chu Kang jetty as we headed back towards Boon Lay. The long stretch of Lim Chu Kang road (rumored temporary runway) was quite a killer. I used to think that runways were supposed to be flat. It was on this fateful Sunday morning that we realized that it is not flat at all!

Do think twice before trying to ride along this seemingly never ending, perpetually inclining stretch under the scorching rays of the 12 noon sun.

We know we certainly will!


  1. Tip: arm covers.

    I never thought I'd succumb to what I call "cyclist" wear until the first time I felt my arms raw from the intense sun. :)


  2. Tip noted. We are getting those next.