Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Here's a confession. Ever since we got our bikes, our doggies have been out less often. We may have spent more time riding our bikes than bringing our dogs out to the beach.

Fortunately, it didn't take too long for guilt to overcome us.

Our redemption? DoggyRide Mini.

The package arrived merely a week after our purchase. That's pretty quick considering it was shipped from the US and the expected delivery timeframe was 2-3 weeks.

We had the DoggyRide custom adjusted to fit our 16" Brompton wheels, all done with no additional fee.

Anxious with the fit, it turned out really really well. Fixing it was a breeze, though with the Brompton you'll need a spanner.

Introducing the Dogfather, thrilling trailer for our mini dachies.

We left it in the living room for the dogs to grow accustom to their new ride.

They wasted little time. Miss Reina getting comfy in her throne, thinks it's pawsome.

With the DoggyRide, our dogs can now join us for rides!

For their first ride, we took them out to Bishan Park. Riding the dog trailer on the road was quite an experience. As with most trailers, it takes a bit of getting used to, with the added dimensions calling for a re-estimation of turning radiuses. The ride proved rigid and solid. Riding and lugging the trailer, despite the additional weight actually proved to be quite enjoyable.

DoggyRide Mini gets the thumbs up from us!

The doggies made their LCSG debut during the Bishan Park Potong Pasir ride earlier this month, to much celebrated reception, especially with the kids.

We're just glad that both of them can now share the simple joy that comes along with riding!

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  1. How did you attach your doggyride to your brompton? The yolk looks different than mine. I'm looking at getting a Brompton here shortly and want to attach my doggyride (original, not the mini). If you could let me know how that would be awesome!