Monday, 19 December 2011

The Orchard Road Christmas Light Up Ride

Gwyn and I rode down Orchard Road last friday night, admiring the Christmas Light Up along Orchard Road.

In previous years, we've done it via car or walking. This was actually our first time witnessing the light up on our bikes. I must say that it was quite an experience!

Orchard Road on a Friday night was not the most conducive time for riding.

At quarter to 11, it was still noticeably crowded. Even at that hour, the streets were filled with streams of shoppers.

We had to go slow, real slow and it was at times almost like a bike handling course,manoevring past the busy streets.

We started off the night at the Singapore Botanic Gardens where the Christmas mood was evident near the Visitor Centre.

There was this huge violin playing grasshopper, next to a Christmas tree.

All was well worth the effort though as we embraced the festive spirit along Orchard Road. This stunning tree outside ION, the shopping mall caught our attention. Beautiful gold lights.

There were a few smaller spherical exhibits outside ION. They've certainly got one of the more elaborate decorations this year.

The night was beautiful with the cool weather and clear skies. Orchard Road itself was too short a ride to do the night justice.

We rolled down towards the Marina Bay Sands area where the night view rarely disappoints.

Here's the Merlion in it's full night glory.

A beautiful shot of Marina Bay Sands with the moon in the backdrop.

Wider night view of the Marina landscape with the flyer in the background as well.

Many may be up in arms against the idea of the casino, but few will deny its architectural brilliance. It's no doubt an iconic postcard representation of modern day Singapore around the world.

Elephant Parade is currently on in Singapore. Creates awareness and contributes to the conservation of elephants in Asia.

There are tons of artistically decorated elephants deployed all around the Marina area.

This was another spot for a group shot, along the Shoppes@ Marina Bay Sands

This is the season to be jolly! Now, get on your bikes and ride!

beautiful shots credited to Steven Tang and Roland.