Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Geylang East Ride for Good Food

Nestled between Aljunied and Paya Lebar MRT stations is the small, quiet neighbourhood of Geylang East.

It all started last week, after a long day at work, Gwyn and I were in the vicinity, hungry and thinking of dinner. I suggested looking for this Wanton noodles stall at Geylang East hawker centre that I vaguely remembered opens till quite late at night. And the rest like they say is history.

Geylang East hawker centre, hidden gem of the east!

I first tried the wanton noodles from Quan Kee about 10 years ago and prior last week, had no idea if it was still around. Thankfully, it was and it didn't take us long to realise why.

It's the good old classic wanton noodles. Springy noodles, solid wantons and the chilli, second to none. It actually reminds us of another brilliant wanton noodles stall at Havelock Road, which until today remains one of our favorites. This is definitely comparable!

And for only $2.50, it is value for money. And if only smell could travel on cyberspace...

The signage says Jurong West but really, its at Geylang East and they make one heck of a Chicken Cutlet.

For $6, you get a generous serving of cutlet, fries and hot dog. The cutlet was so big that we had trouble focusing on it. (no kidding!)

The best part of the dish is really the heavenly crumbs on the cutlet. It's fresh and amazingly crunchy. There is free flow of chilli at the counter and the uncle is always smiling. All in all, considering all factors as a whole package, we dare say that this is the best chicken cutlet experience that we've ever had in Singapore.

While we were enjoying the good food, it dawned upon us on how bicycle friendly/active this neighbourhood was. We witnessed individuals ride by...

...and couples went by...

An elderly lady came by on her bike... take away wanton noodles! Respect...

Even at the nearby NTUC FairPrice, we noticed how the open space just in front of it acted as a temporary bicycle parking space for riders visiting the supermarket. The cycling culture in this neighbourhood is surprisingly very strong.

Just across the FairPrice is Garden Pastry and Cake Shop...

It sells one of the best curry buns that you will ever find in Singapore. Trust me. It's unlike the typical buns which are 80% bread 20% filling. This is 80% filling 20% bread. You have got to try to believe.

It's got quite a unique shop front and is hard to miss...

After dinner, we rode around the area before crossing an overhead bridge to the Circuit/Pipit Road estate where the cycling culture was equally encouraging. We also realised how peaceful and quiet it was an area to ride.

A huge piece of empty land along Mattar Road...

Riding to dinner is a great way to feel less guilty over what you're eating.

In the aftermath of our quest for good food, we leave you some food for thought: While riding runs on fat and saves you money, cars run on money and saves you fat!


  1. geessh! I didnt know this place and I love Wanton noodles. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful hidden gem!

  2. I look forward to the day when I will ride with LCSG for such a wonderful riding experience.
    - caven

  3. Thanks for sharing this little gem.