Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Biking Errands

When you're hooked to something, you usually find all sort of reasons to do that thing.

Eh, it's time to pay our bills, let's ride to the AXS machine.

Eh, it's time to buy 4d, let's ride to Singapore Pools.

Eh, it's time to redeem Challenger membership points, let's ride to Funan. And so I did.

15km and 1.5 hours later along the Bishan - Kallang Park Disconnector, I finally got myself to Funan.

The Bishan Kallang PCN is not the quickest way to get to town from Bishan, and I lost count of the number of times I had to dismount and carry my bike up a bridge or down a flight of stairs. I must have done it at least 6 times.

Nevertheless, while it may have been a longer ride, it was definitely a safer one compared to the quicker route down Thomson > Balestier Road.

The skies were clear and the weather was cool. It was a nice night for riding. :)

Today, I realized that Challenger @ Funan DigitalMall is open 24hrs and they have no issues with a Brommie on their premise.

Errands done, Buck and I leave as satisfied customers.
Gwyn was out at Dempsey for a business dinner. I took the opportunity to maintain tonight's PCN streak, connecting from Clarke Quay to Alexandra PCN before hitting Tanglin Road and then Dempsey to meet her.

When was the last time you conjured yourself a reason to go riding?


  1. of course I can identify with this. And many times, the journey itself is as good as the endpoint, if not better!

    - Kelvin

  2. There is just a magical quality when u ride ur bicycle. Your senses are heighten to all the surroundings. Doubly so when u ride with ur friends and loved ones. Best of all, no need to pay gym fees to keep fit haha.. Cool posting!

  3. I used to count the number of times I locked my MTB doing errands in 1 day. Maybe 7 to 10 times, so 7 things done which would be unimaginable by driving and looking to park, or worse public transport, walking, sweating and connecting in circles when I can see the building I need to get to. My dilemma is which bike to ride and that's always a good dilemma !

  4. Likewise, if you don't like to do something, you'll find all sorts of reasons not to do it.

    Eh, the weather is too hot, let's not ride.

    Eh, looks like going to rain, let's not ride.

    In any case, life's a journey, enjoy the ride. :P