Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hello Brompton World!

Welcome to the world of Bromptons! We first came across the Brompton online during one of our research for our next foldable bike. A few makes made the fray; Brompton, Strida, Bike Friday and the IF mode. We came to a natural conclusion as to like most things in life, each has its own pros and cons. After some sleeping on and a trip down to Diginexx Singapore along Lavender Street for a test ride, we settled for the Brompton M6R. It didn't take me long to realise how effortless it was to fold a Brompton.

On the 16th July 2011, Kevin and Gwyn were officially bromptified. We're truly humbled to be a part of the Brompton community. Introducing, our yet to be named M6R Bromptons in Sage Green and Raw Lacquer.

Diginexx, along Lavender Street is the only place in Singapore to get your Bromptons.

Eager to get going and still burning from the existing hunger to cycle, we opted to skip driving and hit the road straight with our new rides. From Lavender Street, we slowly navigated our way home (Upper Thomson). Along the way, we stopped by a soya bean stall in Potong Pasir. If you haven't tried it, you should. It has got one of the smoothest soya bean curds that we have ever tried.

The compactness and portability of the Brompton were easily put to good use.

From Potong Pasir, we made our way to Bishan via the Kallang Bishan PCN. This is certainly not one of the most "well connected" PCNs available. There are a couple of traffic junctions to cross and a overhead bridge that you have to cross along Braddell Road. We were however very thankful for the weather. There were signs of a thunderstorm, but there was not a single drop of rain. It was like God knew we were cycling our way home.

Here is us getting a couple of snaps along the Bishan PCN. Someone looks very pleased with her new ride.

We made it back home after about an hour's ride. Check point- Mama Shop for 100 plus. An interesting thing about the Brompton is how the back wheel manages to slide its way forward to allow the bike to come to a stationary stop. And I must emphasis again how effortless it is to slide the back wheel forward.

And for the clean freak, it will be pleasing to note that once folded, the two wheels do not have contact with the ground! Simple yet ingenious if you ask me.

Kevin: Where should we go for dinner?

Gwyn: Let's cycle somewhere for dinner?

Kevin: Sin Ming?

Gwyn: New Ubin Seafood?

15 mins post per above conversation, we found ourselves seated comfortably, bromptons neatly tucked under the dining table, awaiting our dinner orders.

Dinner was quite good. The next time you happen to be there, try out their Ubin Bee Hoon. It's pretty good.


  1. congrates on yr brommies..great compact bike and I am seeing that you are loving it!

  2. We are absolutely loving every moment of it. =D

    Though regardless of which brand/make we ride, the simple joy of cycling is undeniable!

    Life's a journey, ride on!

  3. Eat , Bike , Fold ... Exploring and tasting the world with Brommie :) welcome to Brompton World >.<

  4. hello there

    nice blog!

    may i know how much u got your Brompton for?


  5. Hi Silas,

    We bought our bikes from Singapore.

    Prices are listed on their website.

  6. Kevin - Great blog! I am a soon to be owner of a Brompton M6R (Raw Lacquer) and had a question on the dog trailer you have for your brompton. Given that there is no QR for the rear wheel, how do you attach the trailer? I have a chariot carrier for my puppy (2 year old son :-)) and am trying to see if i can attach it to my Brompton...

  7. Hey Austin, I attached our dog trailer to the screw/nut on the rear wheel itself. The trailer that we got (doggyride) was customized to fit the Brompton's 16" wheels.

    Hope that helps and enjoy your new ride!

    1. Thanks! I will check with the Chariot manufacturer if they have an adaptor for the the internal hub

  8. Do u have any rust issue on ur brompton raw lacquer finish?

    1. Unfortunately, yes. I found some rust on the frame, especially in the areas which were scratched and lacquer finish came off. Brought it back to Diginexx and they reapplied some of the finish.

      Doesn't get rid of the rust but prevents it from spreading.