Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wellington Open Day

Wellington Open Day is back and entry to participating attractions in Wellington was just a gold coin. That's one or two dollars!

The Open Day is such a great idea because it gives everyone the opportunity to visit the different places of attraction around town, without having to worry too much about cost.

This year, there was quite an extensive list of places that we could choose from. We could have taken the scenic cable car ride or explore one of the many museums in Wellington. We could have gone to the Carter Observatory to gaze at the stars or hike along Zealandia to the sights and sounds of the protected wildlife sanctuary.

We were spoilt for choice but our final decision was easy and unanimous. "We're goin to the zoo, zoo, zoo..."

Wellington Zoo is very different from the Singapore Zoo. Area wise, it felt a lot smaller, although the animal displays were by no means any less impressive. It was just a pity that the weather was far from being the best. Wellington has been hit by strong winds of 140km/h throughout the weekend. That kept some of the animals away from their usual parading grounds.

Kate was very well behaved on her first field trip to the zoo. She must have been wondering where we were because she had that curious look on her face the moment we got there, constantly looking around. I don't think she has ever seen so many people in Wellington at the same place and time.

Trying to spot the Sun Bear

Up close and personal

"The only red thing is me!"

We also dropped by Matchbox Studios along Cuba Street to support Shufen, who was participating in ten minute potrait sessions. To draw a potrait of a stranger in ten minutes certainly requires a lot of talent and skill. She has definitely got both and you can view more of her work here.

We thought about a family potrait but ten minutes of posing(not moving) and an awake Kate didn't really match up. Maybe, next time.

On another note, we reckon Kate may have taken a liking for art too, judging from the smiles that we got from her as we walked through the exhibition. What do you think?