Sunday, 30 October 2011

Our Big Bang Theory

When we first joined LCSG for their Sunday rides, there were about 30 riders each time. Today, the group has grown and the figures have doubled. 60 odd riders turned up today in search of some big ass canon hidden amongst the subtle slopes of Changi.

From the beginning, it promised to be one heck of a monster ride.

Monstrous times call for monstrous measures. Queen Boo, lead rider for the day briefed the pack before moving off. Safety was always going to be a concern in a huge group like today and the team made the sensible decision of splitting the pack into two groups.

We were however greeted with the sad news of the passing of a fellow LCSG rider, Henry. The group observed a minute of silence in memory of Henry.

From East Coast Parkway Car Park F2, we made our way to Changi Village via the Coastal PCN. The skies were clear and perfect for a chillax morning ride.

Here is Israwi with his "in progress" self-assembled monster cargo bike. Everyone's looking forward to see the finished article.

The Coastal connector always promised to be one of the more challenging connectors around. 8km straight road with no real sight of the finishing line at any point in time, it can work your mind...

The Changi Boardwalk ensued shortly after. This boardwalk traverses the scenic coastline from Changi Beach Club to Changi Sailing Club. Because we were on wheels, it wasn't practical to walk down steps. So we did a short loop, though I can totally imagine us strolling down the other stretches of this beautiful connection.

With no monster guns yet in sight, we encountered our first monster friend at the Old Changi Hospital (OCH). It's Halloween but it's not what you think.

That was one heck of a monster slope before we reached the top/entrance of OCH. Certainly topping the one at Hort Park last week! But we pulled through and made it to the top without dismounting and that counts!

The abandoned Old Changi Hospital...Legend has it that you do not visit it during the night...

LCSG@Old Changi Hospital.

The ride got friendlier as it went on. I lost count of the number of slopes we met along the way - the ironic beauty of a ride in Changi!

Finally we arrived where X marked the spot and viola, the monster gun @ Changi, a replica built to mimic the ones in WWII.

By now, sun blocks were running off. The sun was showing it's monster side. We were now facing the near afternoon scorches from the sun. Nevertheless, we bit the bullet and pressed on.

A short ride down the road and you'll find the Changi Chapel and Museum, built to remember those who have lived and died in Singapore, in particular the Changi area during the dark times of the Japanese Occupation in WWII.

Admission is free and there is a wealth of museum exhibits to learn from. Definitely a must go for the history buff.

From Changi, we rolled down towards Tampines and Simei before hitting the Bedok PCN all the way back to ECP.

Thumbs up for an enriching ride today. LCSG, we ride, we eat and we learn!

amazing pictures credited to Andrias, KC and Taiwoon

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