Monday, 7 November 2011

Bike and the City

The only thing predictable about the weather these days is that it's so unpredictable. It can be raining in the wee hours and the nation wakes up to news of a flash flood, get really hot near noon and then showers again in the late afternoon.

The unpredictable weather pattern can really be a nightmare for cyclists out there. Should we go riding today, should we not? Yesterday, we faced the same dilemma but thankfully, we made the right choice!

They say that luck favors the brave. Over at LCSG, they top it up with a lovely customized hand sewn key ring!

About 20 riders gathered at Lavender MRT, which would be the start and end point for the day's city sightseeing ride.

Cycling brings together people from all walks of life! Now, strangers no more!

From Lavender, we were led entirely on pavement to Kallang Riverside and the F1 pit building. The beauty about exploring the city on bikes is really the ability to go into places where motor cars can't and cover distances which our legs don't.

If you ask me, riding must be the penultimate way of exploring and experiencing our city!

The weather was perfect as Heaven's gate held up for us. Those present can testify how cool a ride it was!

The area between the F1 pit building and Singapore Flyer is like a gold mine for photography. On one side you have the splendid Flyer.

On the other you've got the view of the Marina.

From the Flyer, we proceeded on past the Floating Platform, Esplanade park and down Robertson Quay. All of it entirely on pavement. It's perfectly safe and ideal for riders not the most comfortable riding on the road. Definitely also one for the family!

We stopped at Zion Road hawker centre for breakfast. The centre has got one of the more bike friendly designs around. Look at the amount of space!

Unfortunately, Zion Road hawker centre is more of a night market. At 10 ish, most of the stalls were closed. If you do happen to be in the area in the evening, you have to check out Adam Road Big Prawn Noodles, one of the best prawn noodles we've tried to date. It's located near the extreme end, on the side of the washrooms.

From Zion Road, we continued along the Alexandra PCN.

It brought us to Dawson estate, where some of our members found their younger side!

I must say that Dawson estate is looking pretty good at the moment. It seems like a really peaceful estate. Situated just off Tanglin Road, it's near town and has a PCN that runs through it.

Currently, there are a couple of BTO flats in the building process. In a couple of years time, the Dawson area should be some sight.

From Dawson, we were merely about 1 km away from the Old Queenstown cinema. Not too sure how long this building will be around. The old hawker centre nearby is already gone.

We took every opportunity for a picturesque group shot.

We live in a beautiful city and more often than not take our city landscape for granted. It was a great experience slowing down and embracing the beauty of our City on a cool Sunday morning.

The City ride has always been one of my favorites and very much still is.

amazing pictures credited to Taiwoon

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