Monday, 10 October 2011

Chill Ride down Joo Chiat and Gardens by the Bay

For us, riding is not always about the destination. It's not about how far you travel. It's not about how fast you can go. It's really about the journey.

Last Sunday's ride exemplified our school of thought. It didn't cover the furthest distance nor was it the fastest ride but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves zipping down and embracing the heart and soul of Joo Chiat and stumbling upon the route to the gorgeous Gardens by the Bay.

With no particular route in mind, we basically went with the flow. Ran into a couple of dead ends and got lost along the way. But it was all part of the fun in riding. Simultaneously, we were admiring and appreciating the unique and rich heritage of the area which can be easily found embedded amongst the many conserved architecture from the pre-war era.

On a Sunday morning, the streets along Joo Chiat are quiet and conducive for cycling.

We rode down Ceylon Road, one of the few streets in Singapore where you can find three temples of different religious denominations on the same stretch of road. There was a Christian church, a Chinese temple and this beautiful Indian temple.

Enroute to Old Airport Road from Ceylon Road, we passed by this row of interesting looking white apartments along Tanjong Katong.

At Dakota, we rode by some of the oldest housing blocks in Singapore's history...

...while at the other end were some of the newest apartments...

Aligned with the impromptu spirit of the day's ride, we decided on the spot to explore the newly completed Gardens by the Bay via the PCN from Dakota all the way to the Gardens, heading past Tanjong Rhu.

And it proved to be quite a scenic ride. It was really nice to see cycling paths along Gardens by the Bay. Over there, it offers a view of the Marina skyline from an angle never seen before. Now we know where to catch fireworks the next time round!

Chill ride, embrace and get to know your surroundings!

We ended the slow and easy ride at Old Airport Road hawker centre for lunch, after which we decided to take full advantage of our foldies by hopping onto the train, in an attempt to stay away from the scorching mid day sun.

It was a chill ride down Joo Chiat and Gardens by the Bay. Slow in speed but highly satisfying!

amazing pictures credited to Andrias and Francis


  1. Lov it. Any Chance can include a map of the route too?lol

  2. Haha, didn't record a map. But basically we zipped around Joo Chiat and made our way to Dakota via Dunman Road. From Dakota, we went by the PCN near Kallang Long Beach restaurant all the way straight and hit Gardens by the Bay!

  3. Thanks Kelvin and Gwyn, warm and fuzzy memory. I hope this post remain here and looking forward to visit again in a few years time.