Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bukit Batok PCN Ride and a Sea of Love

Today marked our first ride along the Bukit Batok PCN.

A short briefing was conducted by ride lead, Steve at the start point, West Mall Shopping Centre.

The love for riding was out in full force. The slight drizzle did little to dampen our fiery spirits as we cautiously made our way through the park connector network from West Mall to Bukit Batok Nature Park.

The cliff at the end of the trail was really quite stunning. Here, we performed our ritual TW pose.

To the left! Strangers meet.

To the right! New friendships made.


...and then this happened...

A bouquet of flowers popped out from nowhere, Han Boon got down on one knee and proposed to Yvette. Always expect the unexpected for LCSG rides but I think it's fair to say that nobody would have imagined this.

Han Boon had been secretly planning for this with Taiwoon and the secret operation was now in full play. Last night, Gwyn and I were mobilized to find a tune with our Ukes. We were more than happy to play our part in this romantic moment...

If you're wondering how we transported our ukes, here you go. All thanks to our mighty T-Bag.

Congrats to the newly engaged couple, Han Boon and Yvette! Love was all around and both of you just raised the bar for LCSG rides...

No LCSG ride would be complete without the show of love for food as we arrived at Ghim Moh hawker centre for lunch. It's another great place for good food. It's also one of the few hawker centres that I've come across with long queues at almost every stall.

The love for poison followed shortly after at Treknology, off Henry Park. Got myself a pair of "Bob Marley" gloves.

15 bicycles fitted in 1 car park lot.


Love for family was evident throughout. Daddys and their daughters sharing a moment at the playground outside Treknology.

Daddy's girl!

There was some time left for the love for music when we couldn't excuse ourselves in time. Arrows were flying all over in every possible direction and we were caught off guard.

We unofficially announce that Kevin and Gwyn are available for adhoc services for future proposals. And they are not restricted to engagements or marriage. Husbands, if you're thinking about proposing to your wives for permission to get new bikes, we'll gladly help out too!

It was a lovely sunday morning. =)

stunning pictures credited to Taiwoon and Francis


  1. That is what I call a well-spent weekend! Al

  2. All thanks to the superb company and activities going on!