Friday, 21 October 2011

Hospice Day Ride 2011

Two weeks of national reservist duty meant limited time for our usual riding and hence, the lack of entries of late.

It was difficult but not impossible and we were eager to scratch that week long itch to ride.

Last weekend, there was the round island night ride on Saturday that was tempting, but it would have been a big ask for my already battled body midway through a vigorous in camp training schedule. And considering the lack of ample body recovery time, we skipped the night ride and joined in for the subsequent morning Hospice Day ride on Sunday instead.

It was a short 15km ride one way from the start point at Tan Tock Seng to the end point at East Coast Parkway Car Park E2.

There was a massive turn out of riders, easily around 200-300. With such a huge group of cyclists hitting the road, safety was always going to be a concern.

The fateful route saw us manoeuvring past tricky junctions along Balestier, Lavender and Kallang. The junction just after Kallang MRT station proved the most memorable. Let's just say that cutting across three lanes on a busy road is not something we'll look forward to repeat again.

Kudos to the handful of iron butts that continued with the Hospice Day ride on Sunday morning after completing the grueling round island the night before on Saturday.

Along the way, we noticed the tagline for the Assisi Hospice, "Living before Leaving".

I'm no copywriter but surely it's not just about getting it to rhyme...

We arrived at East Coast Parkway, greeted by a carnival and a delightful line of refreshments (Cold drinks and mini kuehs/puffs) to go around for all participating riders. Credit to the organizers.

No ride would be complete without the customary pose.

How time flies, two weeks have gone and I'm back to resume the civilian life that incorporates riding and writing.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. How true.

pictures credited to Taiwoon.

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