Sunday, 22 January 2012

Marymount PCN Potential

We came across this interesting stretch along Marymount Road. Noticed how there are 2 lanes along the road.

Our first thoughts were: Bike Lane!

The newly refurbished Bishan Park looks fantastic and a great place for families and PCN riders.

It connects nicely with residents from neighboring Ang Mo Kio (AMK PCN) and Bishan (Bishan Kallang PCN). The latter reaches out as far back as Potong Pasir and Kallang Bahru.

Southwards (towards Thomson) though, the connection ends there.

This could just be the missing link! Or maybe something to start from. From the area in front of the CityCab building, strangely, there are 2 well laid paths.

Though at certain parts, the vegetation seems to have overgrown onto some stretches of the inner path.

Trim some bushes...

Paint PCN and we might just transform ourselves a new park connector!

And the wonderful thing about this is that the path readily connects all the way to the Thomson Shunfu estate!

Potential for a Marymount PCN anyone? =)

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