Sunday, 20 November 2011

Balestier Whampoa Heritage Ride

The crew gathered at 730am, Novena MRT for today's Balestier Whampoa Heritage ride.

Before we explored the neighborhood of Balestier and Whampoa, we made a slight detour towards Mount Pleasant Road, rode past the Polo Club along Jalan Mashhor(where we rode last week as well) before cranking up Andrew Road towards Mediacorp@Caldecott Hill.

We didn't see any stars. The closest stars we saw were from those while climbing uphill.

From Caldecott, we rolled down back towards Thomson Road and made our way to MacRitchie Reservoir. It was crowded, with lots of folks visiting the reservoir park. Most were joggers. It was really nice to see so many making a conscious effort to keep a healthy lifestyle.

The MacRitchie Reservoir landscape was beautiful. Somehow, despite the crowd, it exuded stillness and peace. There's just something about MacRitchie.

A lady found her Brompton calling and we gladly allowed her to take our's out for a test spin. Her friends in the background suggested pestering her son to get it for her, which we thought was hilarious.

Riding is for everyone, young or old!

Tucked in nicely at the corner of the street next to Whampoa Hawker Centre is where you'll find a traditional bakery that offers fresh bread.

Happy patrons spoilt for choice with what we call real bread.

The equipment and infrastructure that made it all possible. I finished an entire loaf, and that was after I had dinner. It's that good.

Did you know that there is a water dragon nestled in the midst of Whampoa? We were intrigued with the Whampoa dragon ever since we first read about it on RememberSG. Finally, we got to meet the relic in person today!

And it sure was a glorious sight. Tall, majestic dragon reaching out towards the sky. It's really a wonderful work of art, something that Singapore can be proud off.

Legend has it that the water dragon was built as a symbol to ward off fires in the kampong.

They should consider reinstating the dragon to its former full glory by reactivating the water fountain. Just imagine the sight...

The fountain is now defunct, so we took the opportunity to dunk in and perform our best impression of a water dragon.

Riding along the Whampoa PCN, we rolled by the old Shaw Bros studio and checked in at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, a museum established to commemorate the overseas' chinese contributions to the revolutionary movement in China, led by Dr Sun.

An entrance fee is chargeable to enter the museum, however you are free to roam outside of the building.

Monumental statue built in memory of Dr Sun Yat Sen.

Again, it was another enjoyable and enriching Sunday morning ride. Balestier Whampoa is an area rich in its own culture and heritage.

The Whampoa dragon is stunning, plus the bakery with the real bread, it won't be surprising if we find ourselves heading down the area soon again.

group shot credited to Steven Tang.

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