Monday, 19 September 2011


Gwyn and I first joined LoveCyclingSG for their sunday morning rides, shortly after getting our first bikes about 4 months ago. Then, we were looking for a leisure group ride which we could tag along when we stumbled upon Taiwoon's blog and subsequently LoveCyclingSG.

While we feel that it has been one of our best decisions ever to get our first bicycles, joining LoveCyclingSG is proving to be a life changing decision.

Sunday mornings would never be the same again. There would be no more lazy sundays. On average, we would get our bums off our bed way before 7 as the morning rides typically start around 730am.

Our first ride with the group was a northern ride from Khatib to Woodlands via Mandai and back. We were impressed with how well the ride was organised. The experienced riders looked out for the newer riders like us. Everyone was friendly and down to earth, with no airs about them. Riders from all ages, gender, race came together. Bicyles of all colors, builds, makes rode together. It was one spirit, one love.

It was all about riding to places with good food, landmarks, good scenary and that iconic group photo shot that is now termed as the TW pose.

Week after week, ride after ride, it quickly became addictive and before we knew it, we've been with our bikes, to Pengerang, Bali and places in Singapore where we never knew existed or imagined we would visit. We are viewing Singapore from a different angle with our bikes. There is a greater sense of pride for our country now. Who ever said that Singapore is a boring place should seriously consider taking up riding!

There is a wealth of experience within this unique cycling support group that both of us have benefitted from. Everyone is ever so eager to share their biking experience or spread their poison. Our rides with LoveCyclingSG eventually led us to start Pedal Inn; We too, wanted to share our biking experience, as well as spread the good news of cycling for life. We cannot be more pleased when we realised that our blog has somewhat indirectly inspired some of our friends and even strangers to pick up or consider picking up cycling as a hobby.

It was through Pedal Inn in which I got back in touch with writing actively again. Writing has been something that I've always enjoyed since young. Riding has got me writing and now it has inspired me to write a book, and work towards realizing one of my childhood ambitions of becoming an author.

Riding has definitely changed our lives for the better and LoveCyclingSG has been integral in keeping us going.

Last weekend, LoveCyclingSG turned one and a surprise party was thrown to honor the co founders Taiwoon and Francis. It was further proof of the strong camaraderie amongst this passionate group of riders.

Here's a custom made cupcake specially prepared by some of the members. How sweet!

We'll like to wish LoveCyclingSG a happy first anniversary and may there be many more to come. Let the love stay strong and may everyone ride on!


  1. Thank you! It is a pleasure tp meet u and Gwyn. Lovecyclingsg is so special because of all of you!