Monday 26 September 2011

Orchard Road Flashers

LoveCyclingSG rode down Orchard Road last Sunday in an effort to create awareness for cycling in Singapore. A group of about 50 riders turned up in their Sunday's red best. There was a good mixture of foldies, roadies and MTBs as we moved off from Dempsey carpark towards Ion, Orchard.

At Ion, a whistle went off and the riders knew that it was the signal to flash...their bikes. Foldies started to fold their rides before freezing and posing for the cameras.

2 minutes later, another whistle went off and everyone unfolded their bikes before heading off together.

It was kind of like a flash mob but not quite. However for a first try, it was not too bad an attempt.

After flashing ION Orchard, we dropped by the Youth Park for a safe cycling event....

...but somehow ended up doing this...

There was a small bike obstacle course and understandably, the mountain bike attempted the course...the stunt bike did not disappoint..

Then things got a bit more interesting when the Brompton wanted to have a share of the spoils...

...and so did the Moulton...(yeah you read that right)

With everyone still intact, we pedalled on cautiously, in good spirits, amongst the Sunday morning Orchard crowd, towards the Istana, our next stop. Here, we had to be extra careful as it was a heavily guarded area. There was no way we were going to flash anyone there.

So we had to be tactical, snooped in front of the gate (at a safety distance!), snapped a couple of pictures and hurried on along the way.

We headed down south along the busy street outside Plaza Singapura towards the Singapore Arts Museum (SAM). Didn't realise that the SAM was actually the former St Joseph's Institution (SJI), until that day.

We rode, we flashed and we conqured!

amazing pictures credited to Joeel, Matt, Sealion, Steven Tang and Taiwoon.


  1. That ramp is awesome. And no disrespect to other folders out there, but I have a Montague folding bike and I could have KILLED IT!

  2. Chris, George killed it with a Brompton.

    I have no doubts that with your talent and experience, you will have torn that ramp to shreds!