Saturday, 20 August 2011

Cycle Bali Chapter Two: Savour Seminyak

Our riding journey continued from Denpasar to Seminyak. The sun was getting stronger as we approached noon. The weather in Bali at this time of the year is pretty much similar with that of Singapore. Hot.

However, the sights and sounds of the unfamiliar yet scenic surroundings made it a lot easier to keep going. During one of our detours, we chanced upon this rice field on the way back to our Villa in Seminyak.

Rice fields were part of the scenic landscapes that we were hoping to see during our trip and we were very pleased with our first encounter.

Cattle sightings along the streets of Bali were common.

We came across this interesting petrol station. Well, more like a top up counter. Notice how they store their petrol in Absolut Vodka bottles!

To savour can never be complete without good food and in Seminyak, we found the best satay we've ever eaten. 10,000 rupiahs (SGD1.40) for 10 sticks, a ketupat and some wicked spicy sauce to go along. It was pure heaven on sticks.

No frills, charcoal grilled. You should be able to find her on evenings at the corner of the beach in Seminyak, less than 1km past Kudeta.

The meat is lean and non-fatty. The satay sauce is less peanuty unlike the ones we have back home. And it's actually spicy, ideal for all the chilli fanatics. It was so good, we didn't even ask what meat it was...

This is what we call Life's simple pleasure.

That concluded our first day in Bali. The ride both ways took about 25-30km. Riding indeed brings a whole new perspective in exploring Bali and we're glad to be a part of this exciting adventure. Next up, off to Sanur we go!

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  1. Wah! First day already 2 chapters! Exciting sia!
    Satay! U guys really challenge yr stomach in day 1! What the time u too to ride smhid semmiyak)

  2. ooooohhhh.. can taste and smell the satay from my MBP..... drool!

  3. Matt, thinking back, our bowel movements were quicker in Bali...

    Taiwoon, it is good stuff!