Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cycle Bali Chapter Three: One Love, One Sanur

Welcome to Sanur, our favourite city in Bali.

Thrice we've been to Bali, thrice we've checked into Sanur. We find it less touristy as compared to Kuta, Ubud or Seminyak.

It's less crowded and quieter. And the things are generally cheaper in Sanur. We were once quoted 120,000 rupiahs for a pair of sunglasses in Kuta. We told him we came from Sanur and knew the rate. He sold us the sunglasses for 40,000 rupiahs.

This time round, there was a new reason to love Sanur even more. Bicycles!

Cycling is very much encouraged in Sanur. The government built a cycling lane to encourage both locals and tourists to pedal their 2 wheelers. The lane stretches down the main parts of Sanur city and connects to a beach front cycle path that stretches for around 5km along the beach.

We arrived early before check in and wasted no time in hitting the road while we left our backpacks at the conceirge for safekeep.

La Taverna, our accommodation of choice this time round.

La Taverna has this rustic old world charm about herself. They used this wheelbarrow like thingy to transport our baggages. No buggys.

Here is our room. Interesting concept.

We liked the little cozy corner outside our room...

Brommies lined up...

It's not the biggest room but the architecture and theme is intricate and exotic. The whole feel is as of a cave, or a tavern, a la La Taverna.

The room could easily pass off as one of those cave type rooms in Europe. Here is the shower area.

To illustrate how low the toilet ceiling was.

Small antique writing table... See this thing here...what do you think it's used for?

It's the lock to our room from the inside. No chains, no locks. Just a plain old piece of stick. It took me a while to come to terms with that. Just imagine...at night, only a piece of wood stands between you and the outside...

Make sure you insert it properly...

It's worth noting that there are NO televisions in all La Taverna rooms. So if you're a television kind of person, this is probably not the place for you.

However, if you're a beach kind of person, then do consider La Taverna. It's strategically situated in front of the beach. There is a private area in front reserved specially for guests of La Taverna. Do however be mentally prepared to be approached by touts for sea sports activities every other moment.

Apple and Buck, by the beach at sunset...

Less touristy, lower costs and pretty beaches aside, there is one more reason that keeps drawing us back to Sanur...which we will reveal in our next chapter... Stay tuned!

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  1. Not sure when they built the Bike lanes. It wasn't there in 2008. I guess u guys are hooked to writing blogs! Lol

  2. As hooked as we are to riding!