Thursday, 4 August 2011

Brompton Midweek Movie Date

On Tuesday, our Bromptons Apple and Buck went on a midweek movie date. AMK hub, a 10 min ride away was the venue of choice. Pushing the bromptons around the mall certainly drew some attention from curious onlookers. It reminded me of an encounter we had previously on the MRT platform.

As we were entering the elevator with our brommies, this guy dashed forward and placed his hand on the elevator door to prevent it from closing. For a split second, I thought we were either doing something very wrong or we were about to get mugged in broad daylight…

Then He exclaimed in a very strong accent: “How much did you buy your bikes?”

We went "___"
Thankfully, there was no repeat of that incident in this elevator... Here is Apple and Buck, posing with the Smurfs. Bringing our bikes into the theater wasn't a problem at all! We booked the rear seats as the brommies were too precious to be left behind! The ride experience was short but great. It’s actually a lot faster riding to AMK hub as compared to taking the bus or train. With the Bromptons, pushing it around was no problem at all. As for the movie, allow me to share my nutshell review. Bridesmaids is a movie about relationships. It talks about issues, ranging from friendships to marriage, courtships to friendships with benefits. It covers just about everything in relationships. With the crazy gang of bridesmaids hitting Vegas for their comic-laden, eventful hens party week, it did remind us of Hangover; the female version.

However, do be mentally prepared to witness how Annie, the female lead goes into free fall from the get go. She hits new bottoms when you thought she could not go any further. And it does get frustrating at times by merely watching. I did wish for the good times to last a little longer than the bad ones.

On a positive note, the movie does bring about a very simple yet telling and important message that all of us can bring home and apply in life. No one can help you, if you don’t want to help yourself.

That's right, pearls of wisdom from the Bridesmaids.

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