Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Hungry Post

Few weeks ago, we received a parcel at our door step. We were expecting a parcel for a few bottles of beauty products but the box sitting there in front of us was way too big.

It turns out that Christmas came early and Santa Claus was a saint called Meowzhi.

Christmas came early

Just look at the stuff in there. We were spoilt for choice, like kids in a candy shop.

Treasure chest full of gold.

We did find our personal favorite, tip of the ice berg, creme de la creme - our most prized possession were in tiny orange vacuum packets. "Bak kwa" aka Barbequed Pork. Looks like jerky, tastes like bacon, only better.

We gobbled down almost half of it within a day. Instructions to heat up the packets in hot water before tasting seemed strange at first. Opinions changed quickly like magic. It's amazing how they taste like the real thing.

It certainly didn't take us long to realize that we had to practice some form of rationing if we wanted the goods to last through the year. Unless, there are other Santas out there that want to send us some more. :)

Our most prized asset.

Eating out in New Zealand generally costs a lot more compared to Singapore. A typical meal will cost around $10 i.e. an equivalent of the Singapore economical rice with three selections of dishes will cost about $8 here. It costs half that price in Singapore ($3 - 4).

While on a whole, they do cost more, the serving portions are also a lot more. In a sense, it evens things up. Nevertheless, we find ourselves experimenting more in the kitchen ever since our move.

Here are some meals that made it on cam. (The rest - we got too excited and dug in before reaching for the camera. I'm sure it has happened to you before too!)

Bak Kut Teh

Don't be fooled by the words "instant Laksa from Prima". With a bit of tweaking by adding your own tau kwa, egg and chicken, it actually tastes like the real thing even though it comes from a packet!


We went global with Japanese curry and Taiwanese minced pork rice.

Japanese chicken curry with potatoes and carrots

"Ru Rou Fan"

And then there are the classics. Here is Gwyn's all time favorite - Fried Bee Hoon. It never fails to perk her up.

Char Bee Hoon

The classic sambal fried rice is always a good option. Sharon, you'll be happy to know that your sambal chilli has served us very very well!

Sambal Fried Rice

Old fashioned

We had a go at making some snacks too. This is one of my favorites, inspired by the Indian prawn fritters - the one with the prawn attached on top of the deep fried flour and you usually have it with a piece of green chilli.

Prawn Fritters

Chocolate cake to save any day.

My first attempt at baking.

There are days where we opt for western cuisines.


Everyone loves a burger!

Home made patty burger

It's good fun trying out different recipes. We spend a lot more time in the kitchen over here then we would back in Singapore. It's definitely a lifestyle change. I wonder what's next on the try out list? Roti Prata maybe?

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