Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Meet our House Mates

As our house sitting comes to an end this weekend, we look forward to reuniting with our former house mates. We will be moving back to Niels and Janette's for the next couple of weeks before heading off to a new place.

That's Boris the cat. Out of the house in a flash on a good day. Comfortably snugged in on the couch on a bad day. He's a very active cat that loves the outdoors, yet intelligent enough to know when to stay indoors. He goes out during the day and comes home for dinner - Very smart and independent cat.

Unfortunately, Boris is uncontrollably attracted to flying objects, especially birds. It sounds horrible, but he can't help it. That's why he's got two huge bells on his collar to warn off those slow and oblivious birds. You see, Boris can be quite the smooth criminal.

Check out that physique.

Just like everyone else, he enjoys the warmth during the cold. Sometimes, going all out for it.

Yeah, that's a cat you see.

And he makes a purring noise when he sleeps, like a classy engine. Gwyn finds it therapeutic. Somehow, when humans make a noise when they sleep, its called snoring. When cats do it, its called purring and feels therapeutic.


"Say what?"
And then there's Bertie, aka Bertrand, who is in a love hate relationship with the cat. It's complicated.

Meet Bertrand, the charmer

We only found out recently that Bertie's full name is Bertrand. Word has it around town that Bertrand is so cute, he doesn't need to do anything himself. All he needs to do is gaze, work his charm and many hearts will melt.

Boris going "Oh, gimme a break!"
Bertie: " Oh, come on. Just look at me" *wink*

Boris: "This dog is unbelievable"
There is also Barney, the wise old dog in the house who gets along just fine with anyone - human, dog or cat.

Wise Old Barney
We certainly look forward to reuniting with our house mates again! It will be awesome.

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