Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sunday Ride: Khatib to Jalan Kayu to Casuarina

The weather was fine and the ride turn out was immaculate. Everyone was all geared up for Pratamania. Last Sunday, the lovecylingsg group went on the search for prata or some say Indian pizza. We gathered at 730am outside Khatib MRT, which was the starting point of what would prove to be an eventful Sunday morning ride. Here is our leader for the day addressing the pack just before the ride. Foldies, MTBs, Roadies were all out in good force. Here is the Touring Bag that we got on Saturday snuggly fitted. I anticipate it coming in real handy on future rides, especially the upcoming Pengerrang trip. We rode past the Seletar reservoir. Gwyn,with her ride taking time off for the camera. From Seletar resevoir, we took the Seletar North Link all the way to Punggol PCN. Besides the occassional trucks that consume the long stretch of road, Seletar North Link is usually free from traffic and really quite ideal for cycling. Do note though that Punggol PCN is still relatively new and some parts of the network are not fully functional/open at the time of writing, as we were to find out soon enough... As the saying goes, when there's a will, there's a way. MTBs braved the off road terrain, foldies and roadies precariously carried across. One way or another, with team work and spirit, we managed to overcome the obstacles along the way. Great team camaraderie displayed, exemplifying the love from lovecyclingsg... More road blocks along the way...It didn't take long to realise that nothing could stand in the way of those growling stomachs and prata kosongs though... Midway Checkpoint - SengKang Sports and Recreation Centre, one of the few SRCs with water slides. It was actually quite crowded on a Sunday morning. Finally, we arrived at Jalan Kayu and let the feast begin...It was kind of nice seeing a bunch of 30-40 odd cyclists invading Jalan Kayu with their bikes. How were the pratas? Decent, if you like the cross of fluffy and oily prata. I prefer them fluffy... After pratabrunch, we made our way from Jalan Kayu to Casuarina via Yio Chu Kang Road. Twice in a week, we battled the YCK road slopes. I guess that's why they say practice makes perfect. Less but still panting... At Casuarina, some inhabitants were spotted up to some monkey business... And that's when we came to a realization that not all litter are results from human inconsideration! We parted with the group as they went further on their journey via Old Upper Thomson Road and Mandai before heading back to Khatib MRT. We had a good time and it was a great workout. We'll like to thank the lovecyclingsg group for organising this ride.

Till next time, ride(and write) on!

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