Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hunt for Handle-bar Bag

Today we embarked on a hunt for a suitable handle-bar bag for the brompton to load all our barang barangs during our rides. So far, we've tried haversacks, sling bags and saddle bags. The haversacks would usually end up soaked with our perspiration. Sling bags tend to sway out of position and imposed discomfort with its full weight solely on one shoulder. Saddle bags were great but the only problem was it is not big enough to store our camera! We started off with a short ride to Bike Stop along Upper Thomson. Nicely setup small bike shop catered to mostly MTBs and Road Bikes. Didn't manage to find a suitable bag there though and we ended up at Longhouse down the road for a quick bite. The popiah/rojak stall at the corner near the drinks stall is a must try! Next up would be C2C, Chapter 2 Cycling at Ang Mo Kio. We've heard good things about C2C but had no idea which part of AMK it was located. With the help of mobile internet technology, we managed to navigate our way there. It isn't that far away from Long House. C2C was a bigger setup, though, again we didn't manage to find a suitable handle-bar bag.

On our way back we rode past Skateline in Bishan Park. It had been making the headlines recently. NPARKS will not be renewing their lease at the park,which means no more bike rental at Bishan Park. Beats me why. We took a shot for keepsake.

Maybe we were looking in the wrong places, just as in life, sometimes the things that you're looking for are right in front of you. Well, not literally in our case. The Brompton T-Bag was exactly the bag that we were looking for. T stands for tour and the bag capacity is impressive. Like most things Brompton, the designs are well thought of. The T-Bag fits snuggly in front of our M handle bar. Fitting it in and taking it out is a breeze. We came to an agreement that this was worth the "investment" considering how it would help solve our barang barangs issue. Just as with the bikes, we got the bag from Diginexx. It's also worth mentioning that they were very kind to help straighten my rear lights after I took them out and couldn't "align" them back again. Great after sales service!


  1. yes, indeed the touring bag is a good deal. Confirmed waterproof... I tested it in a full day of rainy ride!

  2. Good to know that it's tried and tested! We're absolutely loving the T-Bag (ironic because it always remind me of that villian in Prison Break)

  3. Kevin.. u can also check out this small bag for just pottering around..

  4. Thanks Taiwoon, the bag looks compact and handy.

    For short rides, I'll rely on my Brooks saddle bag for now...