Friday, 9 April 2021

7 Years Later...New Post

Hello world! 

Has it really been that long since our last blog entry? How time flies. So much has changed since our last post in 2014. For one, we have relocated and are now back in Singapore. Two, that's the number of young ones we have in the household now. Three, our dogs also flew back with us, clocking all 8,527km air miles. Both Reina and Suarez are well and good. 

A few days ago, Gwyn rediscovered our blog and started reading our previous entries. It reminded us of all the good times and crazy trips that we did with our bicycles, and ultimately, the beauty of keeping a journal. By documenting past and present stories, we try to preserve those memories for our future selves to relive and enjoy. That's why we hope to continue doing it. 

Today is a monumental day for our eldest daughter Kate. She learnt how to ride a bike! You can imagine how exciting it is for us. Cycling together as a family is something that we always wanted to do and today we took a big step closer towards that goal. No pressure, Grace.

There she goes...on her bike
There she goes...on her bike    

We brought Kate to the National Stadium to practice pedaling and balancing on two wheels. It was her third attempt this week. She was getting more comfortable each time and we wanted to keep the learning momentum going. I'm glad we did because today was the breakthrough!

The National Stadium on a weekday is actually a really nice place to learn how to cycle. It is free to use, not crowded, has lots of open space and level ground. There are colored tracks around the main stadium, which are sheltered for most parts. Access from the car park to the tracks is convenient, it's literally park and ride. It is also located near the Stadium MRT for those who don't drive. 

As a bonus, you get scenic views of the Kallang Riverside too!

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