Thursday, 5 June 2014

Baby Bibs

Look at what we found in our mail the other day.

Gorgeous hand made bibs from Juju's Patch

Auntie Juliana from Gisborne had hand sewn them specially for Kate. Juliana has a real knack for sewing and recently started Juju's Patch, which specialises in hand made items from different sorts of gorgeous fabric. The thing about hand made stuff is that everything will be unique and there is no two alike, just like Kate. :)   

She likes it.

Bibs. They are absolute must haves for new parents. Especially when baby reaches about 4 months old and starts to grow teeth. Along with teething comes drooling, lots of drooling.

While we could get away with using facial wipes during the first 3 months, it was more practical and economical to use bibs after that. On a long day out, we would bring along at least 4 bibs to last the day. At home, we have bibs strategically stationed around the house to facilitate a quick change.

To help you, we've compiled a list of items to look out for when shopping for a bib for baby.

1. Soft Material
Because you're wiping baby's face all the time and you want it to be as smooth an experience as possible. The very same rationale why we go for 3 ply tissues over 1 ply sandpaper.

Soft and smooth.

2. Look Good Or Cute
The bibs should really look good or cute because the reality is that they will be covering most of what baby is wearing. When baby looks good, mummy and daddy feel good too.

Lookin good.

3. The One That Holds It Altogether
The connector that most bibs come with are either a strip of velcro, a pair of pinned buttons or a piece of string. Our order of preference would be velcro followed by pinned buttons and then strings. In fact, we would avoid the ones with strings completely because seriously, have you ever tried tying a knot with one hand?

The "couldn't agree more" look.

4. And Finally Try To Set Them Up Nice.
Unless, baby sees the lighter side of things.

She's havin a laugh.


  1. This is awesome! I can't help myself to fall in love with these bibs of yours. Your little model is amazing too. Nice post!

  2. I just couldn't take my eyes off her. She is too adorable. I love the designs you have shown here. Bibs like these are great when the baby starts to drool. However, when they start to eat solid foods another type of bib is much more suitable in order to avoid the stains on the baby clothes.